Pretty Impressive! The REAL What Nightbirde's Greatest Talent Was REVEALED!

Nightbirde was one of the most memorable contestants in America's Got Talent history. Her perspective on life was impactful beyond measure

Jane Marczewski, the  star known as her singer-songwriter stage name,  after a battle with cancer. She was an extremely talented singer and her words helped inspire others who were fighting a similar battle as her. Nightbirde's greatest talent, however, was her incredible outlook on life, in spite of all the challenges that lied ahead.

Nightbirde's original song "It's Okay" on was one of the most moving auditions on any talent show. As she sang the words "It's okay if you're lost, we're all a little lost, and it's okay," Nightbirde connected with everyone in the audience even though what she was enduring was decidedly much more dreadful. She treated a lifetime that would almost certainly be cut short as a mere speed bump, something she could overcome with a positive attitude and a determination to spread love and joy to everyone she encountered for as long as she could. We're all managing some type of trouble, and it's how we react to these obstacles that define who we truly are. Nightbirde imparted that lesson on her audience that day and each day that followed.

Without the heartwrenching backstory, Nightbirde's vocals would've been memorable. Her voice was unmistakable from the second she started singing. But it was impossible not to feel each word, to worry how much longer we'd get to hear it but not too worry too much because Nightbirde let us know it would all be okay. Nightbirde informed the judges she had a 2 percent chance of survival, which she reminded them wasn't 0 percent. That outlook on life was her greatest gift and it powered her impressive vocals.

She left her mark on everyone who had a chance to know her. Howie Mandel tweeted Monday that NightbirdeHe added he was Nightbirde wasn't able to complete her journey on, but she'd already won because of all the lives she touched with her audition. In an Instagram post in 2021, after announcing she wouldn't be continuing on  Nightbirde said she was

Nightbirde didn't stop dreaming until time ran out, and her songs will help others who have battled cancer. Her impact is immeasurable and she accomplished all of this in a short amount of time. It shows all of us that it's not about how many years you are given but what you do with the time you have that matters most.