She's Worth It! 'AGT' Simon Reveals The Truth Why Nightbirde Is His Favorite Golden Buzzer!

On America's Got Talent in 2021, Simon Cowell gave Nightbirde his Golden Buzzer. Now, the AGT judge is speaking out about why the singer is his favorite.

During the Tuesday, July 5 episode of , viewers got to see Simon Cowell and Terry Crews count down the greatest Golden Buzzers throughout the history of the show. Ranked at number one was Simon Cowell's from 2021 (Nightbirde), who sadly passed away in February, at 31-years-old, after battling cancer. Now, Simon is revealing why the singer was his favorite Golden Buzzer of all time.

During the special America's Got Talent episode, Simon and Terry got emotional while re-watching Nightbirde's audition clip. Simon even admitted that it was the first time he had . After watching the video, Simon and Terry were brought to tears while talking about the impact that she made on other peoples lives. Simon even said that the last time he saw the singer, she told him that her Golden Buzzer moment meant a lot to her, because she was just trying to make a name for herself, and that moment helped her to do so.

When the late singer auditioned, , and Cowell was stunned by her hope, as well as her determination to never give up. According to , Simon stated, "." The late singer made it known that she didn't want her cancer diagnosis to define who she was as a person.

Despite receiving the Golden Buzzer from Simon,  due to her health deteriorating. It's heartbreaking that the late singer passed away in February of 2022, but she definitely left an impact on the viewers that saw her, as well as 's panel of judges. Nightbirde lives on in many peoples hearts, and she still inspires people to this day. The Nightbirde Foundation was created to help young women struggling with breast cancer, to provide them with hope and facilitate healing.

 has , but it's unlikely that anything will ever be as moving as Nightbirde's audition. Her family plans to release new music from the late singer, keeping her memory alive. Many people will remember the late singer's audition for many years to come. Now, viewers can tune into the new season of  to see if any more memorable Golden Buzzer performances will be showcased onscreen. One thing is for certain, which is the fact that Nightbirde will live on forever, and will always be a part of the  family.