Are Henry Cavill And Gal Gadot Friends Off-Screen? Here's What We Know About Their Real-Life Relationship

8They Share A Trainer

It's no secret that the core members of Justice League had to endure some pretty tough training in order to physically achieve the goals that the role of superhero puts forth. In order to do so, it seems as though Cavill and Gadot's tastes aligned when it came down to training.

A video posted way back in August 2018 showed that Cavill and Gadot shared a personal trainer. The YouTube channel, Pain&Gain, uploaded the video titled "Training Henry Cavill & Gal Gadot" in which we see Gadot and Cavill endure some tough training exercises.

7They Take Cute Selfies Together

Gadot and Cavill have both had their fair share of experience with striking a pose in front of a camera. From red carpets and press events to photoshoots and Instagram posts, the pair of A-listers have become accustomed to being on the receiving end of a camera. However, the habit seems to extend beyond the professional environment. Gadot and Cavil often enjoy posing together for silly selfies on and off the set.

6Cavill Publicly Supports Her

When Gadot's first-ever movie as Wonder Woman was released (2016's Batman Vs Superman), many came for the actress claiming that she hadn't been the correct choice for the iconic role of Diana. By the time her first solo film was released in 2017, multiple trolls had jumped on the critic bandwagon. However, Cavill took it upon himself to ensure that the public knew his thoughts on Gadot as Wonder Woman.

The actor took to Instagram to post a loving picture of himself holding up a Wonder Woman DVD box under the caption, "Soooo this just came out. I've got mine, did you get yours?" The caption also included some adorable hashtags such as "#YouGoGal".

5Yet Gadot Is Far Closer With This Co-Star

Whilst Gadot and Cavill's friendship is perfectly friendly and professional, it's Cavill's screen partner, Amy Adams, who Gadot prefers to buddy up to. Adams is also a part of the DC universe as she portrays superman's beloved Lois Lane. And whilst Gadot's and Adams' characters rarely interact on-screen, the actresses have formed a special friendship outside of the cinematic universe. In an interview with Conan O'Brien back in 2016, Adams admitted to her close friendship with Gadot before Wonder Woman herself revealed that the pair had once had a slumber party.

4They Hardly Do Press Alone Together

Throughout the press tours for their ensemble films, the pair were hardly placed together in interviews. During the press tours for Justice League, back in 2017, Gadot was usually paired with Ezra Miller, who portrayed Barry Allen or The Flash, in the film. Meanwhile, Cavill was usually paired with either his onscreen love interest Adams or Ben Affleck who portrayed Bruce Wayne, otherwise known as Batman. The main circumstance under which the pair would be together during interviews would be when the whole team was beside them also.

3But When They Do It's Adorable

However, in the very few instances in which Cavill and Gadot are paired together, the congenial nature of their relationship is notable. This could be seen during a youtube interview with The Bellissimo Files. During the interview, the pair were seen laughing and answering the interviewer's questions whilst bouncing off of each other's playful banter. Throughout the video, it was clear to see the friendship which had been developed between the two.

2Fans Go Crazy Over Them Together

It's undeniable that the righteous heroes make a good pairing, their striking good looks and matching costumes perfectly suited to one another. However, many fans ship the pairing not only on screen but also beyond the fictional realm. Many believe that the actors share a sense of humility and modesty which causes them to be a good match for one another.

Die-hard fans of Cavill have even stated that Gadot would be the only exception that they would be happy with their favorite dating. For example, one stated, "Gal Gadot is literally the only celebrity i ship with Henry Cavill and no one can change my mind. If this thing doesn't happen, i'm stepping in xx".

1But Ultimately It's A Strictly Professional Friendship

Despite their fans' support and "shipping", it seems as though Cavill and Gadot share a strictly professional relationship. Whilst they display a perfectly amicable relationship, their friendship doesn't necessarily extend beyond their professional lives. The pair don't often hang out outside work and hardly interact online as much as they do with other co-stars. Still, it's safe to say that a pretty solid friendship has been built between the two.