36 Gifts for Every Dolly Parton Lover in Your Life

If you have a Dolly Parton fan in your life, finding the perfect gift is a must. There are a variety of Dolly-inspired gifts available, such as books about her and by her. Parton is a huge advocate for children's literacy, so her books make great gifts. Another option is to give something with the phrase "What Would Dolly Do." There are bracelets and T-shirts available with this slogan. Vinyl records of Parton's music are also a classic choice. For pet lovers, there's a line of Doggy Parton products. And for the holiday season, there are Christmas-themed gifts, including clothing items and wrapping paper. Lastly, Parton has her own kitchen and bakeware line, which includes mugs and tea towels. No matter which gift you choose, any Dolly Parton fan will be delighted.