How Betty White's Hilarious Snickers Commercial Reignited Her Career!

Betty White spent decades entertaining audiences, but the surprise success of her Snickers commercial reignited her career in a big way. White's career began in the late '40s, starting with radio jobs before fronting her own sitcoms with and . She later became a staple of classic game shows such as  or, before joining during its fourth season. Her character Sue Ann Nivens became an audience favorite, so she was upgraded to a regular cast member from the fifth season onwards.

Easily one of White's most famous projects arrived in the late '80s in the form of - which also spawned . This followed the friendship between four older women living in Miami, and in addition to being somewhat groundbreaking for being a female-centered sitcom from this era, it was often hilariously funny too. The show lasted for seven seasons, and in the years that followed White guest-starred on shows like and , in addition to scene-stealing turns in movies such as .

So basically, Betty White was an iconic figure long before appearing in a Snickers commercial during Super Bowl XLIV. This famous advert saw White playing a particularly rough game of football, with the commercial being part of Snickers' "You're not you when you're hungry" campaign. This ad reminded everyone just how great White could be, and fans kicked off a successful campaign to get her to host  which also made her the oldest person to front the comedy series at age 88.

Betty White's Snickers commercial soon led to more work, where she joined the cast of the sitcom alongside Jane Leeves; the show lasted six seasons. She also guest-starred on shows like and loaded her voice to and - where she voiced the aptly named Bitey White. Alongside her acting roles and appearances on or even , White had no shortage of celebrity fans singing her praises, including Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds and Barack Obama.

Betty White's Snickers was obviously just done as a lark on the actor's part, but it was a good reminder of what audiences loved about her. Even after Betty White's passing in 2021, the advert was acknowledged for kicking off a new wave of recognition for the comedy icon and regular scene-stealer.