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Segment 1: In a recent announcement, Apple revealed its plan to build a new $921 million research and development (R&D) center in China. This project aims to enhance its presence in the country and further support its focus on the Chinese market.

Segment 2: The R&D center will be located in Shanghai's Pudong district and is expected to be completed by 2023. The facility will focus on providing technical support and understanding customers' needs, as well as developing advanced technologies for Apple's global operations.

Segment 3: This investment showcases Apple's commitment to its Chinese consumers and aims to create more job opportunities in the region. It also demonstrates the company's strategic efforts to tap into the large pool of engineering and research talents available in China.

Segment 4: China is a significant market for Apple, contributing a substantial portion of its revenue. The new R&D center will further strengthen Apple's position in the Chinese market by allowing it to better adapt to local preferences and regulations.

Segment 5: Apple's decision to build an R&D center in China comes amid increasing tensions between the US and China, in particular regarding trade and technology. However, the company's CEO, Tim Cook, has emphasized the importance of China as a key market for Apple and its dedication to fostering innovation and growth in the country.