Disappointing News for Johnny Depp as Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot Confirmed With Margot Robbie Expected to Replace Swashbuckling Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp has been the face of the action comedy franchise ever since its inception. It is next to impossible to imagine someone else in the shoes of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. The clever trickster with his tricorn hat is one of the most popular characters from the billion-dollar franchise.

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The fifth installment of the action comedy franchise, was released in 2017 and since then there has been no update on the upcoming installments. According to the speculations, Johnny Depp has been replaced by one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.

During an interview with the reputed media platform, writer Craig Mazin confirmed about the sixth chapter of . He mentioned that Disney had already given a green signal to way before the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes came into existence. He said-

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Producer Jerry Bruckheimer even squashed the rumors about the upcoming installment being canceled. He said-

According to the recent developments on the sixth installment of , Disney is looking forward to a reboot with a new face. Reportedly, star would be replacing Johnny Depp as the lead in the lead in the billion-dollar franchise.

During an interview with the famous media outlet , spoke about his co-star Johnny Deep. actor revealed that the 60-year-old actor is one of his heroes. He said-

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He further added-

The actor duo came together for the 2003 release first installment of the franchise,

During an interview with the producer Jerry Bruckheimer spoke about bringing back to the franchise. He said-

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During his defamation lawsuit trial in 2022, the actor himself mentioned that he had no interest in reprising his role as Jack Sparrow in the upcoming franchise installments. With the speculations around the franchise and the recent developments, not much can be said about Johnny Depp’s return to the billion-dollar franchise.

The series is currently available on Disney+.