Gwyneth Paltrow Was Done With Johnny Depp After Discovering His Unprofessional Habit

Gwyneth Paltrow was one of the most sought-after actresses during the 90s. She has been in the entertainment industry for a long time and has been part of various successful films. Paltrow even paved her way into the MCU and rose to fame playing Pepper Potts in the three films, the love interest of Tony Stark in the MCU.

Over the years, the 50-year-old has worked with many stars from the industry. She starred opposite Johnny Depp in the 2015 film  The dup played an on-screen couple in the film. The comedy crime drama directed by David Koepp revolved around two debt-ridden couples taking up a job to find a stolen Goya painting. It was a hilarious film and marked the first time Gwyneth Paltrow worked with Depp. The   actress recalled working with the actor and revealed how she was annoyed by his unprofessional habit.

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did not get to work with in her lengthy and illustrious acting career until 2015 when the two actors finally collaborated as co-leads in the movie . 

During her appearance on , Paltrow revealed how it was working with Depp and sharing an unprofessional habit of the actor that annoyed her. When the host asked the 50-year-old to describe her time working with the star, she confessed Depp was the funniest person to work with.

Further, Ellen asked the Marvel actress to reveal what drove her crazy about her co-star. The actress prompted by saying, But when the host insisted on thinking something that might drive her crazy, Paltrow said on ,

The  star added,

The 50-year-old revealed how unprofessional Depp is as he tends to be late to come on set. To this, Ellen suggested to call the  star hours or two before.

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might have been a special project for Gwyneth Paltrow now looking back on it after so many years. The film marked the actress’s last role as a lead. Surprisingly, she was worried she might have lost the film because she kept compromising a scene.

In an interview, the  actor revealed it was particularly difficult getting through the kissing scenes with Depp. The 50-year-old who played Depp’s wife, Johanna Mortdecai, in the movie, expressed how she ruined 15 takes as she struggled to kiss Johnny Depp and his crazy mustache. Stopping by on she said,

is based on Lord Charlie Mortdecai, a conman and art dealer who is approached by mobster Fang Jock and falls prey to him. The movie, which had a disastrous box office performance and had been pulled from 2,395 theatres, was at the time the 10th greatest theatre drop in history.

is available to stream on Pluto TV.

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