Below Deck's Captain Lee Slams Tom Sandoval Calling Him "Poor Man’s Johnny Depp"

star Captain Lee Rosbach will appear in a new -inspired series with , and had some choice words for villain Tom Sandoval. The new show is called and will feature the popular cast members watching Bravo shows together and weighing in on the drama. halfway through filming due to health issues, but he came back toward the end after consulting with his doctor back home. Kate appeared on seasons 2 through 7, and hasn't returned since.

requires to him be up-to-date on the latest drama happening on Bravo. This includes the infamous Scandoval on , which was the network's most controversial moment. “,” Kate revealed to while promoting . “.”

Even though Captain Lee has shared his own opinions about Tom, Kate didn't have the greatest experience either when she met the star for the first time. In a tweet from March 4 after the news of Scandoval broke, wrote, "." She also added that he was ""

On Captain Lee has always been open when it comes to how he feels about the crew members who work for him. , no-nonsense attitude, and running a tight ship season after season. Although the reality star often stays out of the drama more than the captains on other spinoffs, he's never afraid to call someone out or fire them for not doing their job correctly and demands to be respected as a boss.

When Captain Lee is given the opportunity to dish on other Bravo shows with Kate aside from he will be able to share his thoughts on certain situations. Since he's already known for coming up with hilarious one-liners and being straightforward, viewers will never know what's about to come out of his mouth next. If Captain Lee's comments about other Bravo stars are as entertaining as his Tom Sandoval comparison to Johnny Depp, viewers won't be disappointed while watching him on

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