Johnny Depp's Highest-Rated Movie On Rotten Tomatoes Is Still His 39-Year-Old Breakout Role

's successful film career has spanned nearly four decades, yet his highest-rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes is still his breakout role. Deppis one of the biggest names in Hollywood, and he is finally making a comeback after his highly publicized . He's only appeared in a handful of movies over the past couple of years, and none of them have been blockbusters on par with or

Depp paved his way as a talented and versatile actor from day one, and he's celebrated for a number of iconic roles. Captain Jack Sparrow from is among his most noteworthy parts, but he headlined beloved films like , , and as well. Depp also starred in , the popular television series that catapulted his career. However, his highest-rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes is his very first.

Depp moved to Los Angeles in the 1980s to become a musician. It wasn't until his friend, Nicolas Cage, suggested acting that he met with an agent and eventually landed his first movie gig. His breakout role was in Wes Craven's 1984 film, , which spawned one of the . Depp played Glen Lantz, the boyfriend of the film's heroine, Nancy Thompson. Glen's death is one of the most iconic scenes in with Freddy Krueger pulling him down into his bed and leaving behind a river of blood.


remains Depp's highest-rated movie from critics, boasting a "fresh" score of 95% on . This is somewhat surprising given Depp's other hits, but there's no denying that is a classic. The success of Craven's film speaks to its originality at a time when most slashers were emulating . , which give him access to his victims through their dreams, are a brilliant addition. They combine the human and the supernatural, tapping into the relatable experience of nightmares.

Depp's highest critic score on Rotten Tomatoes is for but his best audience scoreis for a film he held a much smaller role in: Oliver Stone's 1986 war movie . is based on Stone's personal experiences and is the first in his trilogy about the Vietnam War. Starring Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, and Willem Dafoe, the movie saw huge success among critics and audiences alike. remains a favorite, holding an audience score of 93% percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Depp played the minor role of Gator Lerner, a soldier and interpreter who is wounded during an ambush.

helped Depp gain exposure and experience within the industry. However, Depp's fame didn't begin until he joined the cast of . After that, he became a very successful actor. He went on to star in blockbuster hits, partnering with Tim Burton on many projects and gaining popularity as Captain Jack Sparrow. Despite all of his success later on, his earliest work is still top-rated and widely popular. Johnny Depp has had the unique opportunity to land roles in big films from the beginning of his career, and he continues to showcase his massive talent and adaptability today.