“The Audience Is There”: Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow Return Encouraged By Pirates Of The Caribbean Star

actor Vince Lozano addresses Johnny Depp's potential return to the franchise as Jack Sparrow. Directed by Gore Verbinski and serving as an adaptation of the Disney World attraction, the firstfilm in the franchise was released in 2003. Depp's performance as Sparrow was a major standout, and the actor would return for four sequels.

As it remains up in the air whether , Lozano, who played pirate Jacoby in the first film, now shares his thoughts about the actor's possible return in a recent interview with . While doubtful that it will actually happen, Lozano believes that the decision would be welcomed by audiences. Check out the actor's full comment below:

“I think he deserves another shot as Jack, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I’m hearing a lot of stories out there. The audience is there though. I do a lot of pirate conventions and there’s such a big subculture of people that dress up like pirates, and they love Johnny.”

While not a box office flop by any means, 2017's 's box office performance did suggest that interest in the franchise might be waning. The film is the lowest domestic earner of the franchise and has a worldwide total better than only the first movie. The lower-than-expected financial performance was compounded by mostly negative reviews, with the film currently holding a franchise low of 30% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The has now gone through several iterations, with Margot Robbie at one point expected to lead a female-driven film. This plan suited the various controversies that had come to dominate Depp's personal life at the time, with his court battle with ex-wife Amber Heard all but making him unhirable in Hollywood. With the court battle over and the verdict mostly in Depp's favor, it's now possible that he could return as Sparrow, especially given the fact that Robbie's film is seemingly on the backburner.

While Disney executives have been more cagey about whether Depp will return or not, specifically using the term "" longtime has expressed a more clear interest in making it happen. With Depp himself seemingly content to work more outside the Hollywood system on movies like , however, it still remains entirely unclear whether Sparrow will be making a comeback in a new movie.