These 14 Untold Truth Of Betty White You Maybe Don't Know!


1. Betty White was on TV before there really WAS TV

2. Betty White starred in one of TV's first sitcoms

3. There were three different TV series called The Betty White Show

4. Betty White's first marriage lasted less than a year

5. Betty White met husband Allen Ludden when she was a guest star on his game show

6. Betty White was originally supposed to play a different Golden Girl

7. Betty White made her SNL hosting debut thanks to Facebook

8. Her Hot in Cleveland role was intended to be a one-time thing

9. Betty White loves hot dogs and vodka

10 Betty White once performed for the queen

11. If not for acting, Betty White would have become a zookeeper

12. Betty White turned down an Oscar-winning movie because of an animal cruelty scene

13. Betty White holds a Guinness World Record

14. Betty White celebrated her 90th birthday with a star-studded TV special — twice!