Heart of Stone's Gal Gadot Dishes About Her Career While Eating Spicy Wings


Chicken wings don’t get much hotter than this. While promoting her new Netflix movie , actress visited the set of First We Feast’s for a sit-down with host Sean Evans. For those not familiar with the talk show’s premise, guests eat an array of 10 chicken wings bathed in hot sauces from mild to oh-my-god-my-mouth-is-on-fire flavors! Armed with napkins, a glass of water and milk, Gadot dug into the first wing and began discussing her career.

When asked how she handled spicy food, Gadot told Evans (via ):

The actress began by eating the mildest sauce-drenched wing, which was covered in The Classic Hot Sauce Chili Maple. Measuring only 1,600 Scoville Units (SU), the sauce wasn’t an issue for Gadot. For those who aren't spicy food connoisseurs, the Scoville Scale measures how hot or spicy chili peppers are — 0 being the mildest. With that in mind, Evans then asked the actress about the physicality involved when portraying the secret agent Rachel Stone versus some of the other characters she’s taken on during her career.


Gadot told Evans:

As the interview progressed, Gadot enjoyed the second sauce's curry vibe. Little by little, though, as the sauces’ Scoville Units increased, the more difficult it became for the actor to easily answer Evans’ questions.


Gadot Gets Burned By The Bomb!

star Gal Gadot managed to successfully traverse the ever-increasing heat of the first four chicken wings she ate on . As the heat increased, Gadot wiped her armpits with a napkin, as the heat overwhelmed her, but she also maintained her sense of humor. Evans insisted she was doing very well, to which Gadot replied: “Cut to me in the hospital, like something happened to my stomach, they’re trying to figure out — there’s holes everywhere in my digestive system.”


Mercifully, Gadot got through all 10 chicken wings, but No. 8 left a lasting impression. Named Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity (135,600 SU), the hot sauce’s nuclear heat devastated the star. First, the look of shock on Gadot’s face can’t be understated after taking the tiniest of bites out of the chicken wing — her eyes bulging with surprise! Second, the actress had to resort to spitting just to relieve the heat building in her mouth.

Eyes watering, mouth drooling, Gadot realized what the majority of the guests on learn: Da’ Bomb is no joke. “It’s hard to talk,” Gadot whispered as she drank from a glass of water. Still, Gadot laughed throughout the interview and genuinely seemed to have a good time, as she answered question after question under the influence of the excruciating heat.

Now, check out Gadot’s full reaction to Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity below: