Snow White: Gal Gadot Teases Her 'Delicious' and 'Dramatic' Portrayal of the Evil Queen


The upcoming live-action adaptation of takes inspiration from the1937 animated Disney movie and the original Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Directed by Marc Webb and written by Greta Gerwig and Erin Cressida Wilson, the film brings a fresh perspective to the classic story. Rachel Zegler takes on the lead role of Snow White, while , widely known for her portrayal of Wonder Woman, takes on the role of the Evil Queen. Gadot has expressed her excitement about the project, particularly highlighting the joy of playing a Disney villain in a musical.

In a recent interview with , she mentioned the delight in being able to push her performance to new dramatic heights, experimenting with her voice and infusing the character with an animated quality.


Gadot said:


Rachel Zegler Embraces the Role of Snow White

As the news of being cast as spread, it ignited a debate surrounding the character's traditional depiction as a white princess in the animated version. The criticism directed at the casting choice draws parallels to the controversy surrounding Halle Bailey's portrayal of a Black Ariel in While Zegler herself was taken aback by the opportunity, she eagerly embraces the chance to showcase her acting abilities in this role. Zegler previously said:

There has also been debate regarding the portrayal of the dwarf characters in the remake. Actor Peter Dinklage, known for his role in


, expressed his concerns about Disney's decision to cast a Latina actress as Snow White while still including the traditional dwarf characters. Dinklage previously argued that the original animated film had depicted the dwarfs as stereotypical caricatures of little people, and questioned the rationale behind maintaining their presence in the remake. He believed that this choice conflicted with Disney's supposed progressiveness and called for a reevaluation of the story's narrative.

"Literally no offense to anyone, but I was a little taken aback when they were very proud to cast a Latina actress as Snow White, but you're still telling the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," Dinklage said on Marc Maron's


podcast. "Take a step back and look at what you're doing there. It makes no sense to me... You're progressive in one way, but then you're still making that f***ing backwards story about seven dwarfs living in a cave together, what the f*** are you doing, man? Have I done nothing to advance the cause from my soap box? I guess I'm not loud enough."

Amidst these discussions, rumors have circulated about the potential replacement of the dwarfs with "magical creatures" in the new film. However, the exact plan of the characters remains undisclosed. is scheduled to hit movie theaters on March 22, 2024.