Gal Gadot Makes Things "Quiet" In Heart of Stone Music Video


ingrained herself into the minds of many people at the beginning of the Covid pandemic for leading a collection of stars in an online collaboration on . While that video may have gained its own kind of infamy in the online world of social media, that hasn’t prevented the Wonder Woman star from dipping her feet back into another music video, but this time she isn’t singing on it.

The actress is no stranger to making the odd appearance in music videos since her rise to fame, having previously worked with several other stars on Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” video, and this time around she stars in the video for Quiet by Noga Erez.


Approaching this video with more of a focus on her acting abilities than singing or dancing, the song is taken from the soundtrack of Gadot’s imminent Netflix release, . You can see the actress in action in the video below.

is , following on from the hugely successful Red Notice, and it looks set to be another smash for the actress with the streamer. The film centers on Rachel Stone, a spy who is “the only woman who stands between her powerful global peacekeeping organization and the loss of its most valuable – and dangerous – asset.” Having been action thriller, Netflix will expect big things when the movie lands on August 11.



Gal Gadot Will Return Again As Wonder Woman in the DCU

Despite a lot of recent speculation, it seems that Gal Gadot will not be hanging up the Lasso of Truth just yet, and even though Patty Jenkins’ third Wonder Woman movie has been buried, it appears that the actress will continue to play Diana Prince in future and will be developing a new script with James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Of course, there are no details yet as to how Gadot’s Wonder Woman will figure into the plans of the DCU. It could be a case that her next movie will sit outside the connected story that the universe will be telling in the chapter of the new iteration of the DC franchise.


When , it was mentioned that there would be some projects that would come from an Elseworlds perspective and would not directly be connected with the central DCU, so there is a chance that Gadot’s Wonder Woman could sit in this thread of reality similar to Robert Pattinson’s Batman.

For now, it is obvious that nothing will be moving forward with until the writer’s and actor’s strikes are resolved, but it is clear that Gadot cannot wait to get back into the role of the DC heroine as soon as possible.