Heart of Stone Final Trailer Teases Gal Gadot’s Action Movie Outing

Netflix has unleashed the final trailer for the upcoming action outing, , which is due to debut on the streaming platform tomorrow. Coming courtesy of , finds star Gal Gadot in the lead for this explosive tale of “rip-roaring action” and “adrenaline-fueled espionage with twists and turns.” Check out the final trailer for below.

Introducing Gal Gadot as Agent Rachel Stone, “one of the most exciting action heroes of our time,” will center on the elite agent, who harbors a secret even bigger than her career with the CIA: She's the only woman who stands between an ultra-mysterious, powerful, global, peace-keeping organization the Charter, and the loss of its most valuable - and most dangerous - asset, the Heart.

Directed by Tom Harper () from a screenplay by Greg Rucka () and Allison Schroeder () and with a story by Rucka, will star a supporting cast that includes the likes of Jamie Dornan (), Alia Bhatt (), Sophie Okonedo (), Matthias Schweighöfer (), Jing Lusi (), Paul Ready (), Jon Kortajarena (), Matteo Cicconi, and Angela Esposito alongside Gadot.


Gal Gadot Hopes Heart of Stone Launches a New Bond-Like Action Franchise

Gal Gadot has high hopes for , with the actress, who is known best for starring in the DC cinematic universe as superhero icon and starring alongside both Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds in Netflix’s , eager action franchise. “I realized that there was an audience for a female action protagonist,” Gadot said recently. “I grew up watching , and , and . I wanted to create a really strong, female-driven action movie that is for everybody, not a male story that’s been done many times already.”

Gadot has also revealed what drew her to the role of Rachel Stone . “It's funny, because I feel like beforehand, the roles kind of found me,” she explained. “With Rachel, I was looking for her. I was so passionate to tell a story like this, but in a different tone, much more grounded, much more gritty and raw. And you know, that just simply excites me.”

Not only did the raw grittiness of both the character and story at the center of attract Gadot, but so did the many twists and turns of this tale of espionage. “I love the suspense, the twists and turns, the drama, the scope, everything about them,” she continued. “I love getting into a movie and going through a journey, and feeling like I've been all around the world and come back, closer than being delivered or in the theater.”

is scheduled to be released by Netflix on August 11, 2023.