Gal Gadot Explains How Wonder Woman Led To Her Big Budget Netflix Action Movie: "I Hadn't Seen Enough"


Gal Gadot has shared how led to Netflix's . Gadot is the starring actor and a producer for the upcoming Netflix action movie that releases on August 11. She plays an international intelligence officer named Rachel Stone, who must prevent a mysterious object known as "the Heart" from being possessed by dangerous enemies. also stars and actor Jamie Dornan.

During an interview conducted before the SAG-AFTRA strike, Gadot explained how the success of helped make a reality. The success of a female-led superhero movie opened many new doors in Hollywood, even beyond the superhero genre. Read Gadot's comments below:


So many male-led films were made brilliantly, and I just always felt like there's room for more female-led films. , , , — these movies I devour, and I always wanted to play one. I had an 'aha!' moment. I was like, 'Wait a second, men go to see [women-led action films too]. We can [make more], so let's do it.' I got some confidence and we decided we're going to start and develop .

isn't the first Netflix action movie Gadot made after . Gadot first starred in alongside Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds.


became and Gadot will reprise her role from the first film in . Prior to , Gadot was best known for playing Gisele Yashar in the action-packed franchise, with Gadot making an unexpected return in .

Outside of her action roles, one of Gadot's most-anticipated upcoming projects is Disney's live-action . She will take a villainous turn as the Evil Queen opposite Rachel Zegler's Snow White. Gadot's casting is one of many ways that the live-action remake is already confirmed to be updating the Disney classic. In addition to , the movie starring Gadot has also been the source of much anticipation, as well as controversy.


's Patty Jenkins was originally going to be 's director, but stepped away and will now serve as an executive producer.


Gadot and Jenkins were set to reunite for , but the film was scrapped amid James Gunn and Peter Safran's reboot of the DC Universe. However, Gadot recently shared that , and that Gunn and Safran are still interested in developing the film. This was surprising since most of the established characters from the DCEU are being recast and revamped for the DCU. Between Gal Gadot's Netflix action movies, , , the franchise, and potentially continuing to play Wonder Woman, her career isn't slowing down anytime soon.