'Hope you can be free as wind my girl': AGT's Nightbirde's Family to Release an Album After Death of Singer


Singer and songwriter Jane Marczewski, also known as Nightbirde, wowed the audiences of “America’s Got Talent” during her audition in 2021 where she sang her original song, “It’s Ok,” and received the special golden buzzer from Simon Cowell. Unfortunately, she later had to withdraw from the show due to her health and ongoing battle with cancer. She eventually passed away on Feb. 19, 2022. 

Nightbirde’s album “It’s Ok” was released to a warm reception, as fans commented on Nightbirde’s official Instagram page expressing their excitement.


The “It’s OK- Live MHS studios” track hit well over 16 million listens.“Just the fact that people all over the world are listening to Jane’s music is incredible to us as a family,” Marczewski said. 

Her legacy doesn’t just live on in her music, but also in the Nightbirde foundation, a non-profit run by Marczewski that dedicates itself to giving hope to young women that are going through breast cancer.

“Jane was only able to live as long as she did because of the generosity of a lot of people donating to a GoFundMe that gave her the means to get the treatments she needed,” Marczewski said. 

When Jane passed, “I couldn’t get out of my mind the idea that there were more Janes out there that had not been blessed with the same resources,” Marczewski said. “That’s what the Nightbirde foundation exists to do: to just bring hope and healing to young women with breast cancer.”