“Everyone is waiting around”: Massive Update on Johnny Depp’s Return in Pirates of the Caribbean 6

Johnny Depp is a well-known Hollywood star known for his iconic roles in blockbusters like the series and arthouse films like . The actor was away from the limelight for a long time. His career was blown after many flops at the box office.

However, the major hit came after his famous defamation trial with ex-wife Amber Heard. The actor has become something of a Hollywood pariah in recent years. The legal battle with Heard tarnished the actor’s image, and he lost many famous franchises. Disney cut ties with the actor for his franchise after Depp brought success to it with his Captain Jack Sparrow character. Now with a new movie in development, there have been talks about Johnny Depp’s return.

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With its daring adventures, mystical elements, and humor, the well-known franchise never failed to captivate the audience’s attention and become a memorable part of the industry. The character of Captain Jack Sparrow, played by , came to represent the entire franchise. However, Disney cut ties with the actor after his famous defamation trial. 

There have been talks of a next installment in the franchise for a long time. After the 2017  there has been no update about a new film.

The creator Craig Mazin claimed that he had previously submitted an idea for a sixth Pirates of the Caribbean film, which was rumored to be a reboot, before the outbreak. To the creator’s surprise, Disney has picked up his idea and entered into development.

Except for a fantastic script, things have been stagnating on that front for a while, and now the still-ongoing writers’ strike has made ‘s progress much more difficult. Mazin stated,

In late 2022, it was reported by the producer of the films, Jerry Bruckheimer, that there would be two PotC films. star Margot Robbie was attached to lead one of them. With the sixth film in development, now the question arises of Johnny Depp’s return.

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Disney made billions of dollars on a fantastic series of flicks. Since the franchise hasn’t released a new movie in nearly a decade, fans have been waiting eagerly. Johnny Depp, with his Captain Jack Sparrow character, became synonymous with these movies.

For many years, especially around the time was released, Captain Jack Sparrow was a cultural phenomenon. With a new movie in development, the question of the   actor’s return to the franchise arises. 

Sean Bailey, president of Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Production, was noncommittal in a media interview over the summer when asked if Johnny Depp would return as Jack Sparrow. There have been rumors of Disney opening the door for Depp after the jury ruled their decision in his favor during the trial. Maybe will start from scratch, erasing all of the continuity from the previous films, and fans might see Johnny Depp reprising his famous role in the franchise.

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