Gal Gadot Recalls Craziest Day Filming Of Fast & Furious Franchise


A long-time member of the cast, Gal Gadot is opening up about the most absurd day that she had while filming. Gadot first appeared as Gisele Yashar in 2009's before reprising her role in , , and recently . As an intelligence officer, Gisele is often directly involved in the action sequences whenever she appears, leaving Gadot to film some challenging scenes.

During a recent appearance on the channel (conducted before the SAG-AFTRA strike), Gadot spoke out about the wildest day that she had on the set of . It came while filming for , and it featured giant set pieces and constant practical explosions.


Gadot references burning cars, countless vehicles, and major stunt work that led to part of the Canary Islands being completely closed off. Check out her quote below:

"When we were filming in one of the Canary Islands and they shut the roads there and they literally set a huge truck and a huge bunch of very expensive cars on fire during the day. It was just like you do with a matchbox. Fast & Furious, every set piece that they have with the cars, trains, rockets, airplanes, all these different vehicles, are insane. It's crazy."


is concentrated on intense action, serious emotional stakes, and ever-increasing stunt work. Characters regularly manage to do the impossible, including breaking ceilings with their bare feet, surviving a chase on an aircraft carrier, and charging into space. In one instance, featured a tank that crushed numerous cars and Dom (Vin Diesel) throwing himself from a moving vehicle to save Letty (Michelle Rodriguez). Still, Gadot's experience in was just another example of the movie franchise attempting to boost the action with more cars, more explosions, and more fires.

and will likely feature boosted stakes and even more chaos.


As the universe draws to an end with the arc that began with , the franchise will likely end with a bang. Having worked to support the Toretto family in , Gisele is likely to play a major piece in the upcoming installment. That means that Gadot may have even more mayhem ahead of her, as Gisele works to fight against the villainous Dante Reyes (Jason Momoa).


The stunts will not be the only element that helps increase its stakes. Dwayne Johnson will reprise his role as Luke Hobbs, and the rest of Dom's family will also be returning. There will be countless actors on set alongside Gadot, waiting for their chance in the spotlight, in addition to a wide assortment of vehicles. brought Gadot some ridiculous scenes to film, but the franchise will only create more surreal set pieces as the series continues.