“You all don’t even know me and you saved my life”: Johnny Depp Gives the Biggest Hug and Kiss to the Person Who Saved Him From Amber Heard Trial


Johnny Depp's legal trial against Amber Heard has been one of the most notorious celebrity lawsuits covered by the media. Lasting for years since their divorce filing, the Depp vs. Heard legal battle finally came to an end in November 2022, with the Edward Scissorhands actor winning the case. 

On a recent note, TikTok influencer Danielle Dell'Olio mentioned how Johnny Depp was grateful to her during a meet and greet. Well, the story behind this originated after Dell'Olio sat in the courtroom during the Depp vs. Heard trial and posted daily updates on her podcast and TikTok, and supported the 60-year-old throughout without judgment.



Johnny Depp Recognized His Life-Saving TikTok Influencer

The long-drawn defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard finally concluded in the actor's favor in November 2022. Ever since then, the entertainment industry felt a shift like never before. The extremely notorious lawsuit that earned an insane amount of viewership even turned into a new Netflix docuseries, Depp v. Heard. 

However, amid such riveting moments, there happened a shocking incident that made headlines, as Johnny Depp recognized a TikTok influencer from his recent Hollywood Vampires' meet and greet. A courtroom insider and TikTok influencer Danielle Dell'Olio, revealed how the actor instantly recognized her face in the crowd and even thanked her for being his supporter and savior.



Danielle Dell'Olio had been providing inside information and observations on her podcast and TikTok, regarding Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's trial. She was later featured in the Netflix docuseries for her commentary on the trial. And finally, when she met Depp face to face, she was stunned after being thanked by him for "saving his life."

Johnny Depp Was Grateful For The Support Of His Fans 

TikTok influencer Danielle Dell'Olio revealed in a social media video, posted on her TikTok account, "he seemed to know exactly who I was. He thanked me and he thanked all of us who were in the social media sphere". Revealing her experience of meeting the actor, Dell'Olio shared what Johnny Depp had to say about all the support he received.



"He said, 'You all don't even know me, and you saved my life. You saved my life. And I'm so grateful to you all. I'll be forever grateful to you.'" 

"And he's like, 'You didn't even have to do that.' And he gave me the biggest hug. Biggest kiss on the cheek. And he's just so genuine" she further added while filming her TikTok video. Discussing her personal experience of being in a celebrity meet and greet, the influencer stated, "I've been to a lot of celebrity meet and greets, but they really make you feel like you are the only person in the room." 

Appearing on the Hollywood Vampires' (the American rock supergroup) meet and greet with her mother, Danielle Dell'Olio mentioned how special it was for them.


"I am so grateful I was able to treat my momma to this amazing experience!" she shared. Further adding how embarrassed she was, "when he started to thank me because it's like, no, I would do it again and again and again because he's not the perfect victim" Dell'Olio concluded her video with gratitude for the team.